Takae Itou

Takae Itou was born in Meguro, Tokyo in 1969.
Constantly feeling “value of nature” “ingenuity” and “commercial sensitivity”
which “Tokyo” emits in her bones and cultivating her philosophy,
she is inspired by exposure to different cultures as she travels outside Tokyo (both Japan and aboard).
Takae took art, Japanese flower arrangement and Japanese tea ceremony lessons in her early years as a child.
With intent to pursue scenic art, she entered Musashino University of Art where her interest shifted to hotel planning;
her senior thesis was on hotel which achieved an Award for Excellence.

From 1993, she worked at KKS International Co. Ltd under the guidance of Mr. Yozo Shibata to learn the basics of hotel planning.
To this day Mr. Shibata’s words are kept in Takae’s heart : “Hotel is a living creature”.
Joining Super Potato lead by Mr. Takashi Sugimoto, her university professor, in 1995, Takae spent her days in “training”.
Super Potato back the then was a “creative” boot camp where day after day was spent for creative training.
As a senior designer, she met many Clients who, themselves, were accomplished creators, as Takae interpreted them.
One of her many cherished experiences in her career is working on Mezza9 at Grand Hyatt Singapore,
most innovative program in the hotel industry at the time, from project planning to completion with the project team.

Salt International was founded in May, 2005 as her very own design office.
She puts unwavering efforts to develop design concept that richly triggers the five senses – comfort, exaltation, wonderment - of guests who visit.
With close communication with Clients, each project is a special, one-and-only customization.
Takae spends her days pursuing accurately and perfectly designed space that unlocks one’s heart in hopes to achieve it.
SALT’s team selects carefully-screened material, utilizing all knowledge,
craftsmanship and sense they have to satisfy Client’s request in creating a “well-reflected,
graceful and universally proper” space which has established Takae’s reputation.
This act of creating may be a challenge to “assimilating with nature’s harmony”

SALT is an office like a small atelier.
However, they diligently and sincerely engage themselves to Client’s request- not limited to hotel restaurant/bar design
but also guestrooms, condominiums, product design,
etc.- in all different types of projects to find strong and true attractiveness in the space and objects created.

1992 - 1994 KKS International Co., Ltd / Tokyo
Interior Design Assistant
1995 - 2004 May SUPER POTATO Co., Ltd / Tokyo
Interior Designer 1995 - 1999
Interior Chief Designer 2000 - 2004 May
  Main Works in Super potato
  SONY Chairman's House - 220㎡/ 1996
Seijyo Tokyo, Japan
  “GRAND HYATT”LOBBY / MEZZA9 - 1500㎡ / 1998
  “HANSHIN” Department Store - 1800㎡ / 1999
Umeda Osaka, Japan
  Restaurant “SHUNJU” Tameikesanno - 660㎡ / 2000
Minato-Ku Tokyo, Japan
Ginza-3choume & Marunouchi, Tokyo, Japan
1989 - 1992
Musashino Art University Interior Design Course
Musashino Art University Interior Design Course Winner
【Design theme : HOTEL 】
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    SUNTORY “HIBIKI” Marunouchi
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